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2. This DiComMArkAd Interactive organizes Interactive training sessions for Digital Marketing Aspirants and Persons already doing business or in a job who want to learn Actionable Digital Advertising. DiComMArkAd Interactive also provides consultancy and management services related to Digital Advertising.

3. DiComMArkAd Interactive promotes the products and services from some websites, online sites, social media, emails, online advertisements, word of mouth publicity and other known and unknown mediums.

4. To provide you customized training and/or consultancy services, DiComMarkAd Interactive collects your details such as Full Name, Email id, Contact Number, City, Country, Education, Job title, Business Name, Business website, Product or Service details, Social Media links etc. with help of web forms, telephonic or mobile communication, advertisements, webinars, meetings etc.

5. The details thus collected will only be used for communication between DiComMarkAd Interactive, the employees of DiComMarkAd Interactive and you to suggest and provide you customized solutions regarding online and/or offline personal training, website optimization, business promotion etc.

6. DiComMarkAd Interactive can share your details with other agencies, institutes or service providers with prior written consent on digital or physical documents.

7. DiComMarkAd Interactive as well as you as a beneficiary can approach a legal authority in the state of India for any conflict resolution.

8. DiComMarkAd Interactive is being operated at the below address:

B 840, 2nd Floor, Back Side, Greenfield Colony, Faridabad, PIN 121003, Haryana (INDIA),

Contact No. 98711-55766